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We offer three levels of youth boatbuilding: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each meet two days a week, for 3 hours a session. No woodworking experience is needed to join any of our programs. Kids will learn everything along the way, including teamwork, perseverance and a connection to the local history and community. With a maximum ratio of instructors to students of 1:4, IB ensures safety in the shop and makes sure everyone gets plenty of guidance and support.

Mixed Mornings: We have a new program structure for our youth programs that we are calling 'Mixed Mornings'. Each kid will still come two days a week. One of those days will be in their specific age/skill level group (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced), but the other day will be mix of all ages!

There are a few reasons for this change. First, it will allow for parents to have more choice in the schedule, making it easier to coordinate with other activities on the island (like LCYC). Most importantly, these multi-level mixed mornings allow kids to teach kids. We want to promote peer teaching, where students really learn to master skills and share knowledge by working together and guiding each other.

Check out the program descriptions below and register for the class that is the best fit.

Beginning Boat Building:

A typical day in the shop for beginners has kids cycling through various hands-on boatbuilding stations, where a knowledgeable IB instructor will guide them through the day's activities. Students will use traditional hand tools while learning skills like shaping planks, steam bending frames, riveting and oar making!

Starting with reading the plans, to shaping the planks, all the way to painting the hull, the kids in our program participate in the entire boatbuilding process, from start to finish!

For ages 7* and through 11(ish).
* Kids turning 8 during the calendar year can join us in the shop unaccompanied. Kids turning 7 in the calendar year can join us in the shop if accompanied by an adult during the entire program.

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Intermediate Boat Building:

The Intermediate program builds on what students learn in the beginning program, introducing new skills and new tools. Kids in this program will spend half their time cycling through stations, similar to the structure of the beginning program, but with more challenging projects. The other half of the time will be devoted to working on in-depth woodworking projects, such as building a workbench or a shipwright half hull.

For ages 11 through 14

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We proudly offer an advanced woodworking program for teens. Building on the skills learned in our youth programs, the teens in our summer program delve deeper into the world of boatbuilding as they tackle complicated and challenging projects from start to finish. Teens will learn advanced woodworking techniques, gain skills in the use of traditional tools and be introduced to power tools as they explore both traditional and modern boatbuilding techniques.

Teens also can participate in Open Shop Time, in which they can use the shop space to design and create anything they wish. Staff will be on hand to supervise and guide the projects.

For Ages 14 and up

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Wee Works:

A woodworking program for the little ones! (children 4 and up). This 1hr program, meeting once a week, will introduce kids to working in a shop setting. They will learn basic skills and techniques for common hand tools and how to work safely in the shop, as they create small projects of their own. In each class they will create something to take home!

Each student in Wee Works must be accompanied by an adult for the entire length of the session.

To Register, contact Tony at Islesfordboatworks@gmail.com, or 347-236-9092

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