It's that time again! Our goal this year is to raise money in support of our new year long program, building the town's own St Ayles skiff, a 22ft racing rowboat that will be used to connect the islands (both figuratively and literally!)

How do I join in?

To join in the event, all you need to do is click on the registration button below, or contact Tony Archino at 347-236-9092 or

New for 2017!

Our First ever St Ayles Skiff Race

Our two new St Ayles skiffs will be put to the test as they race each other around the island.

Other St Ayles crews from nearby communities will be invited to participate too.

After the race, our two boats will be available for anybody to try out and take a spin in the harbor

Here's how it works:

Each participant agrees to get sponsors totaling $250 (or more) And will row around the island 10K (kilometers).

Anybody can participate!

If you want to join in, we can make it happen. We can:

  • provide a boat if needed
  • help find a teammate if using a multi-person boat
  • provide a crew, if you just want to "ride" around

Plus we always need help with set up, outreach, powerboat support, photos, etc.

So if you want to be a part of the fun, we got you covered!

Unsure you can fundraise?

This event is for everyone, regardless of fundraising. We only ask that you try your best to meet your goal.

The group will leave sandbeach the morning of Aug 5th at 10 am, travel around the island counter clockwise, stopping about halfway at Bunkers cove for a break (bathroom, snacks and water), and then continue on the rest of the way, returning to sandbeach by around one. There will be three powerboats on hand to ensure safety.

For more information contact Tony Archino at 347-236-9092 or

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