Community Gatherings

Community Gatherings


The Blue Duck is a community space – we want to do more than just build boats, and we want to keep exploring the ways this space can best serve you. We’re definitely looking forward to resuming our established gatherings, like our weekly music  jam, “Boards and Chords,” along with special events (such as our Island Speaker Series where island folks share maritime history, heritage and skills). We look forward to hosting some new gatherings, including:


  • Skills with Drills” where we will teach the basics you need to know for common household projects. 


  • Date night at the Duck” a weekly evening makerspace/crafting event for kids so parents can have a night out!


  • Seniors in the Shop”, AKA boomers building boats, oldies with oars, or AARP (Advanced Adults Riveting and Planking), a dedicated time just for island elders to come down to the shop, help us build the boat, make items to support the chandlery, work on their own projects, or just hang out with a cup of coffee. 


  • Crew and Coffee” Join the Cranberry Rowers on a weekly morning row in our community-built St Ayles skiff. This is a beginning level rowing program, meant for folks who want to stretch their muscles a little, and then grab a cup of coffee by the fire. 


  • Bikes and Beers” byob (the last “b” is for beer or bike or both) to this weekly nightly event in which you will get support and gain skills in fixing your island bike. 


We’ll also have events and gatherings that don’t (yet) have clever names, like “open shop time” when you can come down to the shop to use our tools and get some support as you tackle your own projects. We’re also excited to continue a 2020 favorite – “family shop time” – when families are invited to come as a group to work on the boat, build small craft projects, or just fiddle around in the shop.

  • Learn Skills
  • Help Build the Boat
  • Hangout with  friends
  • Share what you know
  • Build Community
Schedule of Events/Gatherings