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The 2019 Boatbuilding Program will be 6 weeks long (July 1st- August 10th). Islesford Boatworks has mixed-morning classes and age specific afternoon classes. So your students will go to one morning class and one afternoon class per week (as you've selected above). No matter the class you select, we charge $90 per student per week. So this is where you need to do a little math. Multiply the number of students you are registering by the number of weeks they will be enrolled and enter that number below. Example: 2 students X 4 weeks = 8 , or 1 student X 6 weeks = 6

If you would prefer not to pay with a credit card and pay instead in person at the Blue Duck, please submit form without paying. Islesford Boatworks will not turn away any students for lack of tuition. If you are interested in registering your student and cannot afford the tuition, please contact us at and we would love to help you register your child for a price you can afford.