Our Schedule

Summer 2020 Boatworks will begin on July 1st

Blue Duck will be open 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Sat, July 1st to Aug 9th

Though the current environment does not allow us to run our regular programming, we are still able to safely offer programs to our kids and community. 

Islesford Boatworks is operating this entire summer as a tuition free Community Open Shop.

In lieu of our regular programs, we are opening our shop all summer long to both kids and adults of all ages!


This summer, everyone is invited to come down to the Blue Duck anytime during our hours of operation to participate in the same kinds of awesome activities that we do every summer. This year, our main projects will be finishing the “Victor White” skiff, started by the school kids, and planking Rick Alley’s huge new dory. Plus, we will have smaller projects for kids, such as tool making, model boats, bird houses, and more. This is also an opportunity for you to use our shop and staff to tackle a project of your own.

We will be adhering to social distancing measures, allowing only 4 participants in the shop at any time, as well as other health and safety measures to ensure our shop to be a safe environment. We will be diligent to the ever changing needs of this situation. 

No scheduling is needed, you can just show up and join us if there is space. If the shop is full at that time ,we can make sure you get in at the next available time. Shop time will be limited to hour long blocks, in order to make sure everyone who wants to participate has a chance. There is no limit to how often you can attend. You can come every day! We feel this flexible structure will work best for this uncertain summer. However, we want to express that we are willing and able to adapt to best fit your needs and can schedule time(s) if needed, which may be especially handy for Great Cranberry and off island folks.  We want to make sure everybody can participate this summer.

Kids turning 6 or younger this calendar year must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.  Kids turning 7 or older this calendar year can come on their own. All participants, both youth and adult, MUST REGISTER before joining us this summer. 

It’s the same Boatworks, just a little different.  It is your shop, your program, your chandlery. We are hoping that we can continue to provide programming throughout the summer and want to thank everyone for your continued support.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Louise at louisemchaplin@gmail.com